2016 Sponsors

We are very excited about our sponsors and their support for our continental network! New sponsors are being added continuously…check back to see them!  

Convergence Champion

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Convergence Activator 

Permi Mag Logo FINAL 1 Permaculture Design Publishing  Permaculture Design is an independent journal serving the permaculture movement in North America. We aim to provide information useful to people actively working to establish permaculture systems “on the ground.”  

Convergence Steward

DebraRecommends_Logo_8Debra Recommends/Harmony Connections Debra Recommends is committed to informing you of the best cutting edge, new paradigm happenings, community offerings and transformational events in the San Francisco & North Bay Area and beyond. Harmony Connections brings Harmony and Connection through Music, Art, Ecology, Healthy Living and Spirituality for 30+ years.


fic_logo1Fellowship for Intentional Community The Fellowship for Intentional Community supports and promotes the development of intentional communities and the evolution of cooperative culture. Our values include cooperation, sustainability, and social justice. We are a broad networking organization, in the US, Canada, and internationally, to network and provide resources to intentional communities and cooperative groups of all kinds.


FreyLogo_USALove-550x390Frey Organic Wine Climate change may be one of the greatest challenges of our generation and Frey Vineyards understands the responsibility and practicality of passing along a healthy environment to future generations and we look forward to reducing and eventually eliminating carbon dioxide emissions. Their goal is to make their impact on the climate “carbon neutral.” In the future, electric tractors will be used in their vineyards and there is a lot of excitement over the use of high carbon composts, called biochar, and they hope to evaluate some of these practices.


Logo_DegFreedm_niceGaia University Supporting Ecosocial Regeneration and the creation of regenerative livelihoods through un/learning, research and consultancy.  Linking of ecosocial movements and projects (permaculture, ecovillage, transition town, indigenous and social justice movements). Documentation and collaboration using online courses, ePortfolios and self designed and directed local projects. Accredited BSc and MSc degrees, Diplomas and Certificates.


vector_logo_v2House Kombucha is a family-run, community startup dedicated to bringing the ancient tradition of fermenting a living, probiotic tea into modern light. Beyond just making a great tasting and healthy beverage, they are a young, owner-operated, triple bottom line (people, planet, profit) endeavor. They value quality craftsmanship, local economic development, and community stewardship.



Logo_BSPM Lagunitas Brewing Company From points distant and beyond we all converged on Petaluma in 1993 and ’94 with an unenunciated desire to be more than we were before. The core of Lagunitas came from Chicago, St Louis, Memphis, Walker Creek, and the highlands of Quincy.


nablogoNorth Atlantic Books  (NAB) is an independent, nonprofit publisher committed to a bold exploration of the relationships between mind, body, spirit, and nature. Founded in Vermont, in 1974, NAB aims to nurture a holistic view of the arts, sciences, humanities, and healing. Over the decades, it has been at the forefront of publishing a diverse range of original books in alternative medicine, ecology, and spirituality, with a pioneering publishing program that encompasses somatics, trauma, raw foods, craniosacral therapy, shamanism, and literature. NAB was incorporated as an educational nonprofit in 1980 as the Society for the Study of Native Arts and Sciences.


PMNA Logo Hi ResPermaculture Magazine, North America Originally started in the UK, this branch of the magazine shares inspiration, collaboration, and community for fellow permaculturists across North America (United States, Canada, and Mexico).


Sol Solutionssol-solutions designs and manufactures portable solar power and lighting equipment.  Complementing this is our Green your Grow products, like solar direct greenhouse fans and LED lighting, which help people reduce their energy usage.  In addition, our Sustainable Event Services utilize solar power and energy management to promote sustainability at special events. https://www.facebook.com/SolSolutions-104651646254816/


spgThe Southeastern Permaculture Gathering meets every year to learn new skills, serve the Earth, create community & celebrate life. During our Gatherings, we participate in Affinity Circles, “Open Space”, and various Classes & Workshops.  We have a diverse schedule of events, for both adults and kids.


pacific-domes-logo Domes are nature’s perfect structure and provide a unique environment for every use,  including 360° projection domes, dome homes, glamping,  eco-living resort domes, and party tent rentals. Pacific Domes has perfected the function and beauty of our portable Geodesic Domes since 1980 in Ashland, Oregon. We combine the sacred geometry of R. Buckminster Fuller with our progressively designed canopy covers to bring you this futuristic, Zen structure.


Convergence Ally

AdvP-roundAdventures in Permaculture Permie-journos Steven Saint Thomas and Trudy Thomas try to explain permaculture and Transition to the average American with articles, video and podcasts. Their first documentary, “Adventures in Permaculture: Australia” premiered at the 2014 North American Permaculture Convergence. The sequel, “Adventures in Permaculture: Transition West Coast,” will premiere at the 2016 Convergence.



Bija-V2-1-e1456383562460Bija is a Sanskrit word that translates commonly to “seed.” Every sound in a mantra is a bija, so these are not literal seeds so much as metaphorical consciousness seeds. At Bija, our goal is to sow seeds of consciousness that will manifest to create the reality in which we want to live. More info coming soon!


new-fot-logoFriends of the Trees Society & The Northwest Permaculture Convergence Friends of the Trees Society was founded in 1978 to double the world’s forest cover.  We have been promoting permaculture since 1981.  Activities include Earth restoration , tree sales, sustainable food production wildcrafting, event production, permaculture design courses.



GuayakiGuayaki Organic Yerba Mate We are happy to announce Guayaki as a sponsor of this year’s North American Permaculture Convergence by providing organic, fair trade, sustainably harvested yerba mate to everyone at the Convergence. And we are grateful for the work they do as they steward and restore 200,000 acres of South American Atlantic rainforest and create over 1,000 living wage jobs by 2020 by leveraging our Market Driven Restoration business model. http://guayaki.com/ #ComeToLife #GuayakiLife #northamericanpermacultureconvergence #buildingresilientcommunitiesconvergence


hdr-logo-krcb-blackKRCB North Bay Public Media News. Arts. Ideas. Where you are.



Onchenda Logo FinalOnchenda Open Global Food Cooperative  Onchenda Open Global Food Cooperative is a social enterprise whose mission is to alleviate hunger and poverty by enabling small farmers, market gardeners and value-added food producers to sell their products directly to local consumers and institutional purchasers online, and to connect edible landscape designers and teachers as mentors to those who want to grow or raise their own food and sell the surplus online. We are a for-profit Utah public benefit corporation facilitating the local food movement with ecommerce and local delivery globally.


pdi leaf logoPermaculture Design International, LLC Permaculture Design International is a full service design and build firm specializing in ecological design for farm, ranch, homestead, business, community, development and organization.


UQ_main_rightThe Integral Center The Integral Center is an evolving community-powered organization who’s mission is to foster the emerging Integral wave of consciousness through relational and local community practice.  We’re making an assertion: The Integral movement will continue to grow to the degree that all of its world-class theory becomes more deeply embodied and applied in our day-to-day choices and interactions.


New TUS logoTransition US (TUS) is a national nonprofit hub for the international Transition movement, a network of communities that are reimagining and rebuilding our future, moving away from dependence on fossil fuels toward local resilience. Our mission is to catalyze and strengthen a national network of citizen-powered groups who are building local resilience through community action. ALSO AN ORGANIZER for NAPC II. 


The-Northwest-Permaculture-Convergence-logoThe Northwest Permaculture Convergence (NWPCC) is an inclusive annual weekend-long event that alternates between Oregon and Washington State. The Convergence brings together a remarkable diversity of people, all with creative approaches for designing living environments, and economic and culture systems that thrive within ecologically sustainable limits. Everyone who practices the ideals of Permaculture speaks a common language across the Northwest and all over the world.


us-pure-water-logo USPW is at the forefront of the green revolution, greening festivals and events, by educating consumers and providing self-serve water stations and reusable containers as an alternative to single-use bottles. Our mission is to eliminate the damaging environmental impact of plastic waste worldwide, by providing municipalities, companies, events & festivals, as well as residences, with a ‘point-of-use’ water treatment option as an alternative to fuel intensive bottled water delivery, and/or the consumption of single use plastic bottles destined for landfill or to sully oceans, forests and cities.


rs345_bu-logo-stacked-color-scrThe Certificate in Holistic Landscape Design at Bastyr University is a 12 month evening and weekend program grounded in the philosophy of working with nature to create resilient landscapes.  The program offers an extended study of permaculture design throughout the seasons, far exceeding standard 72 hour Permaculture Design Certificate programs. Additionally, Bastyr has a unique focus on the therapeutic value of a medicinal and edible landscapes.  Our unique curriculum includes courses such as Soil Ecology, Biodynamic Agriculture, Horticultural Business practices, and Medicinal and Edible Plants in the Landscape, utilizing hands on activities in the University’s wooded 51-acre campus –including the Bastyr Medicinal Herb Garden.  The program is open to anyone with a creative eye and a passion for ecology and sustainability.


solarcity-logo San Francisco is no stranger to the solar power industry, ranking as one of the cities at the forefront of America’s solar energy revolution. At SolarCity, we know that being one of the most populated cities in California has its advantages, such as the ability to generate a significant amount of solar power. Since 2006, we have become a leader among Bay Area solar companies because we stand behind energy consultants and reputation. We offer 24/7 solar system monitoring solutions as well as warranty product coverage.


Community Partners  
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HipHopForChange LEV_logo_press LiftEconomy
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PINA-logo RootedInResilience SFPermacultureGuild
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