Children’s Programs

SimonFaucherSimon Faucher is the Chidlren’s Program Coordinator. Simon is a Youth Educator, Permaculture Designer and Workshop Facilitator from Victoria, BC, Canada. Simon has volunteered with the Comox valley Boys and Girls Club as well with Sanctuary a pre-teen drop in center. Simon is also a Permaculture educator through Life Cyles  Growing Schools program in Victoria. During the Past 3 years Simon has taken 2 PDC’s and an Intensive 3 weeks hands on course. He has taught Workshops at the World Rainbow gathering and the World Permaculture Convergence.

For the past 2 years he has worked with the Ancient Forest Alliance an organization dedicated to the protection of Old growth Forests in British Columbia, He is working on a new series of workshops about Permaculture of Old growth forests. Simon is Passionate and plans in the future of working with kids to produce Permaculture films highlighting kids who practice Permaculture. He has Interned at the Gulf Island Film Television School assisting youth in creating their own documentaries.

leaf umbrellasChildren’s Programs at NAPC

PermaQuests! A New Paradigm Educational Mass Cooperative Game for Kids

We are very excited to Present to you the opportunity to participate in a new paradigm educational mass cooperative Game! PermaQuests!! It will be a year long adventure quest which will start August 28th and will run until the closing ceremony of next year’s NAPC. Arriving at the Hive (children’s area), participants will connect to their Animal and Plant Totem, which will be their guiding energy and focus throughout the weekend. Activities in the Hive will Include: Seed Bomb creations! Cob Castle Building, Habitat Construction (mason bees, Bird houses, Bat houses), Mask Making Workshop, Living Permaculture Everyday! Discovering Your Spirit Totems, Natural Face Paint Experimentation And Play Time! We will also be facilitating a Council of all Beings which will be a collective connection and reflection activity bringing youth and adults together through costumes and play time! Culminating the weekend will be a mass collaborative Permaculture Mandala Creation where we will harvest the collective creativity for a once in a lifetime Experience! Bring your kids and Come play with us! Peace Love and Permaculture!

Kiddie Village

Does all the talk about dynamic accumulators make your kids roll their eyes? Not to worry! The Kiddie Village tent will have age-appropriate, permaculture-themed activities for youth of all ages for the duration of the NAPC.

Embody Permaculture: Morning Movement

Joel Glanzberg

Nurture health, awareness, and learn internal balance while gaining understanding of how to harmoniously integrate seemingly opposing forces externally and internally using gentle movements from various internal and martial arts, including Tai Chi, Ba Qua, and Yoga. All abilities welcome. Bring what you know to share!Enjoying fall leaves

A Whole Lot of Something: Permaculture Puppetry and Masks

Penny Krebiehl

A hands-on presentation through the use of storytelling w. puppets and masks, in a classroom-garden inspiring the integration of permaculture education into our everyday lives as everyday people, of all ages, from any background.

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