At NAPC one of the topics of discussion will be teaching and pdc standards. As we all know there is a wide variation in the quality of pdcs being taught. No surprise that there is variation in pdcs. Every pdc has its own unique blend of participants, instructor(s), and venue. I think it would be a shame if every pdc was a cookie cutter affair. However, that said, I also think that every pdc teacher should be trying their hardest to deliver a good quality course. We should all be striving to become better teachers and one way we can do this is learning from other teachers. NAPC’s participants will include a lot of PC teachers and the NAPC offers us opportunities to learn from each other.

Books on how to teach permaculture design courses.

I see that the European Permaculture Teachers Partnership is planning to produce a permaculture teachers’ handbook. I am looking forward to studying a copy once they get it out. I would encourage all pdc teachers not to rest on their laurels but to see what they can learn from other pdc teachers. Several books now available on this topic include:

Earth User’s Guide to Permaculture: Teacher’s Notes. By Rosemary Morrow. 1997. Kangaroo Press.

Permaculture Teacher’s Guide. By Andrew Goldring. 2000, Permaculture Association (Britain)

Manual for Teaching Permaculture Creatively. By Robin Clayfield and Skye. A ring binder hard copy is $80 AUD plus postage and now also in PDF as ‘Dropbox’ files is $30 AUD. Both from Robin’s website

What other books have been written on pc teaching or are in the works?

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