Kirtrina Baxter

trinaKirtrina is a dedicated food justice activist and community organizer. She has a passion for nutrition, growing food and awareness around the disparities in our food system that negatively affect communities of color. Over the years Kirtrina has assisted with many community programs.

Before moving back to Philly in 2012, Kirtrina co-founded Ithaca Youth Farm Program, a youth-run farm that engages students from culturally different backgrounds. She also helped establish the Congo Square Market, an outdoor summer cultural market designed to offer opportunities for start-up entrepreneurs of color to build economic means through community distribution and recognition. And she successfully coordinated and instituted the first annual Food Justice Summit in Ithaca, NY.

As well as being an urban farmer, Kirtrina has volunteered to help create and maintain various community gardens in upstate NY and Philadelphia. Besides working at PILCOP – Public Interest Law Center of Philadelphia, Kirtrina is an entrepreneur – helping families of African descent go through the process of changing their eating habits in a culturally relevant way; she teaches parenting classes; and, she is invested in a locally-owned bakery. In 2008 she received her M.A from Union Institute and University in Cultural Studies.

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