sde231Do you have books, T-shirts or products to sell?  Want to promote your business? Tell people what you’re doing?  Join the NAPC Exposition! The Exposition will feature a wide array of permaculture related organizations, businesses, services and products.

The Exposition Hall will be in one of the wings of the main barn stage.  NAPC’s Info Hub and scheduling boards will be located in the other wing.  The Exposition will be right in the center of the action.   There will be night lighting.

Many of the sponsors want a space in the Exposition, but few other people have applied.

Price for a space in the Exposition

The fee for a space in the Exposition is $100 plus $10 per table and $1.50 per chair to cover their rental fee. If you want only half a table then it is $50.  $25 for a quarter table space.

Other options for outreach include:

* There will be big bulletin boards where people can pin up their posters and flyers.

* We will have several free literature tables where anyone can leave stacks of handbills, business cards, and literature.

* There will be a poster session in the Exposition Hall during Saturday dinner and early evening.

NAPC will be a great place to reach hundreds of people with your message.  We are aiming for 500 participants.  Movers & shakers from across North America.  They can help spread your message far and wide.

Exposition participants can bring their own set up if they wish. This can be a 10’x10’ pop-up, fair booth or something along those lines. Bring your own tables and chairs if you can.

If you want to join the Exposition

Contact Michael Pilarski | 406-741-5809

Exposition participants include:

Chelsea Green Publishing

Finger Lakes Permaculture Institute

Forest Agriculture Enterprises

Friends of the Trees Society

Gaia University

Grow Permaculture

Inland Northwest Permaculture Convergence

Kansas Permaculture Institute/Sustainability Action Network

Land Stewardship Consulting

Legacy Design

Midwest Permaculture

Moonwise Herbs

New Society Publishers

Palouse Permaculture

Permaculture Activist

Permaculture Credit Union

Permaculture Institute USA

Permaculture Institute of North America

Permaculture Institute of the North East

Permaculture Research Institute Cold Climate

Southwoods Forest Gardens

Spirit Mountain Farm

Permaculture authors coming to sell and sign their books include:

Peter Bane

Albert Bates

Darrell Frey

Dan Halsey

Toby Hemenway

Bryce Ruddock

Mark Shepard

The Exposition page on our website is:

Question for our NAPC authors:

Who is bringing books to NAPC to sell and sign?

NAPC is having a bookstore and we don’t want to order any books you are bringing.  But if you aren’t bringing books we’d like to have some there for people to buy.  Please let me know your plans.

Michael Pilarski

Permaculture authors coming to sell and sign their books include.

Peter Bane

Albert Bates

Darrell Frey

Dan Halsey

Toby Hemenway

Bryce Ruddock

Mark Shepard


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