New Pre-Convergence Event Scheduled: “Itinerant Permaculture”

August 27 & 28 in Minneapolis. This short course is a comprehensive introduction to the many aspects of Itinerant work and Permaculture’s application in this way. From the ethical foundations to the practical steps for working internationally, this course will cover all the diverse and subtle aspects of doing itinerant work successfully. Today many people want to help others to live on our planet in a better way. All over the globe people of the majority world are starting to realize that the industrial model has serious flaws. They are starting to look for better solutions. Many of us in the minority world have the money, time and desire to be of assistance, however, good intentions are not enough. This course will provide you with understandings of the Itinerant landscape, as well as the tools to start moving from intention to reality.

Itinerant (adjective): Traveling from place to place, most often related to labour or a trade: itinerant farm worker, itinerant priest.

Get the details HERE.

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