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This list will be added to, refined and presentations, panels, round-tables topics, etc. added. We all have a voice at the table. 6/13/2014 version





See Pre-conference Special Events

Mark Shepard, New Forest Farm, Forest Agriculture Enterprises
Viola, Wisconsin
Special 3-day workshop at Harmony Park, August 26-28 on Restoration Agriculture
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Matt Bibeau and Kelly Hogan, Mother Earth School
Embodying Permaculture – The Art of Teaching the Next Generation
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Toby Hemenway, The Center for Pattern Literacy
Special two-day permaculture workshop in Minneapolis, August 27-28. “Patterns and Permaculture: Nature’s Forms for Dynamic Design.”
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Introduction to Itinerant Permaculture With Rico Zook – Aug. 27 & 28
Minneapolis, MN
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After the NAPC

Jude Hobbs and Andrew Millison: Advanced Permaculture Course in Teaching, Kinstone Academy of Applied Permaculture – Sept. 2 – 8
Click here for more information
Inland Northwest Permaculture Convergence, Heartsong Retreat Center, Tumtum, WA – Sept. 11 – 14
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NAPC Presenter List

  • Hands-on Workshops:
    • Tool Safety with Phil Rutter of Badgersett Farms
    • Wild Foraging with Linda Conroy and John Holzwart
    • Anaerobic Digesters with “Biogas Bob” Hamburg
    • Polyculture Design Strategies with Dan Halsey
    • Inclusivity in Permaculture with Kate Heiber-Cobb
  • Presentation showcases:
    • Drylands design featuring Neil Bertrando, Jason Gerhardt and Jeremiah Kidd
    • Cold climate design featuring Bruce Blair, Chad Johnson and Benjamin Vidmar
    • Urban design featuring Isabel Sanchez and Will Hooker
    • Children and permaculture featuring Rhonda Baird and Becky Ellis
  • Roundtable discussions:
    • Permaculture and the Media – facilitated by Peter Bane
    • Climate Crisis and Resiliency – facilitated by Mario Yanez and Keith Johnson
    • Women’s Leadership in Permaculture – facilitated by Kelly Simmons
    • Public Food Forests – facilitated by Stephanie Syson and Fred Meyer
    • Social Patterns – facilitated by Dani Slabaugh and David Rodriguez
    • Science and Permaculture – facilitated by Deborah Berman, Abigail Conrad and Rafter Ferguson

  5 comments for “Presenters

  1. Kelly Ware
    June 18, 2014 at 2:21 am

    I can help with Spanish if anyone needs

    • Monica Ibacache
      June 18, 2014 at 12:01 pm

      Excellent! We appreciate it greatly.

  2. July 17, 2014 at 10:01 pm

    It would be nice to see At least one presenter from Canada and Mexico represented since this is the North American Convergence. Just a thought. Great group though

  3. Monica Ibacache
    July 19, 2014 at 5:49 pm

    Hello Deva!

    Thanks for taking time out to leave a comment. We completely agree with you, would love to have more Canadian and Mexican presenters. Would you nudge your contacts in those parts?
    For a large variety of reasons our contacts in Canada and Mexico have lets us know they might not be joining us but are in support. If our new crowd funding campaign, debuted July 21 , is successful that could make it more accessible for those whom finances are more the issue than time. If 500 gives $5 then we have enough to bring 3 people at least, my hope and faith in our larger community is high that we will reach our goals. Deva if you or others are interested in assisting outreach for this crowdfunding campaign we would be incredibly grateful!

    • August 1, 2014 at 9:40 am

      Hey Deva!

      After I saw you at the Northeast Permaculture Convergence in Maine, I facilitated a workshop on ‘using ecological pattern language to understand human ecosystems” at the Global Ecovillage Network conference at Zegg community near Berlin.

      After that, I travelled to Bulgaria, where we had the last in our two-year series of meetings of the European Permaculture Teachers (, which was followed by the European Permaculture Permaculture Convergence ( I am now in Ireland, visiting permies, and preparing to present at the All Ireland Permaculture gathering (, and teach a PDC with Graham Bell.

      When I left to come over here, I was not sure if I would be back for the NAPC, but I was recently able to have a good long chat with the schedule organisers last weekend (while Charlie McGee and The Formidable Vegetable Sound System was performing), and have arranged to speak at the conference, so there is at least one Canadian!

      I hope to see you there!

      Much love, Jillian

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