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The NAPC scholarship fund-raising campaign has been created to cover the costs of people to attend the first North American Permaculture Convergence who are working in high poverty or “low resource” areas helping to get systems established that can support the people living there in ways that regenerate the bounty of regional ecosystems and local communities. We feel that these individuals have an important voice at any convergence of permaculture professionals and we want to ensure they can attend, if they desire to do so. We continue to accept scholarship applications and will be approving those applicants who have demonstrated dedication to improving their communities or the projects they are involved with.

You may make a contribution to the scholarship fund HERE.

You may apply for a scholarship HERE.

These folks have already won scholarships and more applications are being reviewed.

  • Anandi Premlall

    anandiAnandi is the Sustainable Communities Consultant with a project called Sustainable Queens (in Queens, New York), otherwise known as SustyQ. SustyQ inspires, integrates and supports sustainable lifestyles by cultivating wellness, creativity and empowerment in under-served communities. This movement is building upon the good work its members are passionate about and have taken action on in their beloved borough of Queens, New York City. Anandi describes herself as inspired and inspiring, a multi-media artivist who plays with dirt, a DoGooder and a GoGetter.

  • Gerardo González

    gerardoOriginally from Mexico, having a Degree of Forest engineering from the Faculty of Forest Science - Autonomous University of Nuevo Leon, Mexico. Gerardo started his Permaculture career by attending an Introduction to Permaculture course in Tulum, Quintana Roo. By learning about sustainability, he decided to change his life and stop being a website designer, to completely learn about Permaculture and a more sustainable way of life. In 2009 he attended a Permaculture Design Certificate (PDC) taught by Bill Mollison and Geoff Lawton in Melbourne, Australia. Nowadays, he started and is in charge of a project called La Loma Permacultura, implementing and developing techniques according to Permaculture principles. Gerardo created the website that was created to organize information about sustainability and to provide education to any person who requires this knowledge, besides being a portal for all people working with sustainability to be in touch and announce their workshops and courses.

  • Kirtrina Baxter

    trinaKirtrina is a dedicated food justice activist and community organizer. She has a passion for nutrition, growing food and awareness around the disparities in our food system that negatively affect communities of color. Over the years Kirtrina has assisted with many community programs.

    Before moving back to Philly in 2012, Kirtrina co-founded Ithaca Youth Farm Program, a youth-run farm that engages students from culturally different backgrounds. She also helped establish the Congo Square Market, an outdoor summer cultural market designed to offer opportunities for start-up entrepreneurs of color to build economic means through community distribution and recognition. And she successfully coordinated and instituted the first annual Food Justice Summit in Ithaca, NY.

    As well as being an urban farmer, Kirtrina has volunteered to help create and maintain various community gardens in upstate NY and Philadelphia. Besides working at PILCOP - Public Interest Law Center of Philadelphia, Kirtrina is an entrepreneur – helping families of African descent go through the process of changing their eating habits in a culturally relevant way; she teaches parenting classes; and, she is invested in a locally-owned bakery. In 2008 she received her M.A from Union Institute and University in Cultural Studies.

  • Taylor Rae Shuler

    TaylorRaeTaylor recently returned to the U.S. after spending the past year in Paris, France working to earn a Masters degree in Cross-Cultural and Sustainable Business Management. Very soon after learning about permaculture during her time in Paris, Taylor attended a PDC in Portugal from which she earned a Permaculture Design Certificate from teacher and mentor, Peter Cow. Inspired and passionate to learn more about how permaculture can create a more regenerative world, Taylor is now an Apprentice working to earn a Diploma in Applied Permaculture. One of Taylor’s goals in attending NAPC is to contribute her experience with the UK and Europe’s successful Permaculture Associations to strengthen and promote North America's permaculture education and credentialing system. She also hopes to share her work from her Master’s Thesis on “Management Permaculture” in addition to creating an abundance of mutually beneficial relationships and learning more about permaculture. This fall, Taylor will begin studying as a graduate student in the University of Pennsylvania’s Master of Environmental Studies program, where she hopes to work towards integrating permaculture into urban planning.

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