Taylor Rae Shuler

TaylorRaeTaylor recently returned to the U.S. after spending the past year in Paris, France working to earn a Masters degree in Cross-Cultural and Sustainable Business Management. Very soon after learning about permaculture during her time in Paris, Taylor attended a PDC in Portugal from which she earned a Permaculture Design Certificate from teacher and mentor, Peter Cow. Inspired and passionate to learn more about how permaculture can create a more regenerative world, Taylor is now an Apprentice working to earn a Diploma in Applied Permaculture. One of Taylor’s goals in attending NAPC is to contribute her experience with the UK and Europe’s successful Permaculture Associations to strengthen and promote North America’s permaculture education and credentialing system. She also hopes to share her work from her Master’s Thesis on “Management Permaculture” in addition to creating an abundance of mutually beneficial relationships and learning more about permaculture. This fall, Taylor will begin studying as a graduate student in the University of Pennsylvania’s Master of Environmental Studies program, where she hopes to work towards integrating permaculture into urban planning.

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