What to Bring…..

what-to-bringIf camping, bring camping gear to be comfortable.
Tent, Padding. Sleeping gear.
Clothing for Minnesota weather (see below)
Extra socks
Swimsuit & towel
Water bottle.
Portable chair
Dishware: plate, bowl, cup, fork, spoon
Something to take notes in: yellow pads, notebooks.
Literature to share
Seeds from your garden to share at the NAPC Seed Exchange
Anything for the poster session?
Show & tell
Laptop computers or pads if you like.
Consider bringing tea or coffee to donate to the tea kitchen.
Ticket, cash, id
Hat, chapstick/ sunblock, sun glasses, bandana
Bug repellent, basic first aid kit
Headlamp, bikelight
Extra tent and/or pads for loaning to some of our long-distance travelers who couldn’t fit it in their luggage?
Optional but good idea:
Sharpie, utility knife, multiplug/strip, extra USB/iphone chargers/cables, solar lawn light (for camp and/or to mark any odd rope tie-off/trip hazards at night)
For emergency use any or all of the following: ductape, tarp, ziplocks, paper towels, trash bags, latex gloves, purell/hand sanitizer, A small fire extinguisher.
Bicycle, We could use a couple for the organizers to get around the big site.
Tools – if you’re not coming from too far away our set-up crew could use a few sledgehammers, screw guns, staple-guns, and what have you. If you are on the set up crew please bring tools and work gloves.
For pessimists: a hip flask of your favorite adult beverage 😉

Average Temps for CLARKS GROVE for the end of August are:
High 78 degrees
Low 57 degrees

Record Temps
98 degrees
41 degrees

Average August monthly rainfall:
4.45 inches
Record August rainfall: 9.5 inches
Record August 24 hour rainfall: 2.72

Last years temps were:
August 2013
26th High 93 Low 78
27th High 91 Low 77
28th High 91 Low 73
29th High 91 Low 75
30th High 84 Low 68
31st High 84 Low 62

Prevailing winds during August and September are from the West/South West.
Average wind speeds are 4 mph, gust up to 17 mph.

Precipitation. The average probability that some form of precipitation will be observed in a given day [in August] is 43%, with little variation over the course of the month. 14% of the time is a light rain, 9% is moderate rain and 23% is thunderstorms. Expect high humidity as in late August it rises to 84% (humid) three days out of four. Weather geeks can look at lots of graphs at http://weatherspark.com/averages/30956/8/Minneapolis-Minnesota-United-States

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